GOFM single origin coconut oil and Jaggery

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As a curator of GOFM, I come across extraordinary organic practitioners and produce. I will be featuring some of them here. These do travel a long distance, and we get them very consciously in limited qty and least damaging way.

Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil (1 liter), Raja S., Pollachi, TN - From a natural coconut orchard, with a captive cold press unit. Only naturally ripened coconuts are used and oil is extracted slowly in the real cold press process.
properties - This oil has sweet aroma and very mild pleasant flavor. The oil is sieve filtered only.
Usage - Use it in food, for skin care, baby care, and medicinal purposes. It's best enjoyed raw and cold.

Slow processed organic Jaggery (~1 kg), Ravi S., Narsinghpur, MP - This jaggery is made with juice of naturally grown sugarcane, slowly in the traditional copper vessel.  
Properties - It's a very slow process, retaining most of the natural micronutrients of the sugarcane, other wise lost in excessive heat.
Usage - Use it everywhere instead of Sugar and Honey. It is easy to scrape. Mix it back with water, add lime, ginger, and ice, and enjoy it like sugarcane juice, at home. 

Order and Delivery - The orders will be sent to the farmer once a week. we expect the material to reach us within 1 weeks of ordering. so expect your package to be delivered in around 2 weeks from ordering.  

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