Gurgaon Organic Farmers Market (GOFM)


Won’t you agree that chemical-free and nutrition-rich food is tastier and healthier? If yes, do you trust a place to hand pick from a good variety of these ingredients? Gurgaon Organic Farmers Market (GOFM) was first established in 2014 as a platform to get clean food easily.  We believe that clean food is not a privilege but a basic need of every being. 

Working on this belief, we are creating a ‘Local Clean Food Ecosystem’. In short, it stands for “locally growing and consuming food, harmoniously between the consumer, producer, and the environment”. At its core, there are robust quality standards to ensure authentic chemical-free produce is made available to all. We strive to inspire trust through the producer’s transparency, consumer’s awareness, and verifiable processes.

We take pride in the unparalleled variety of organic food available at GOFM, a lot of which is now grown at the farms locally. The good part is that each of these can be traced to the farmer/producer. To further improve accessibility, along with the Sunday market at Club Patio, South City 1, we are starting a Saturday morning edition at Club Nirvana Patio, Nirvana Country, Sector 50.

Going forward we are making it even better with a string of interesting Events and Initiatives focused on interesting foods, improving health, and a cleaner environment. Interested? You can join in as a participant, or even share your skills and experience.       

With our ‘Folks to Farm’ initiative, a lot of consumers have visited local organic farms to experience life on an organic farm; Inspired, some have now actively taken to growing their food. 

The ‘Young Sprouts’ is a volunteer and learning program run by teens and young adults. The key objective of the program is to increase engagement amongst the youth with clean food and to create solutions for health, environment, and economic justice. 

GOFM provides a specialised ‘Regenerative Earth Design’ service to traditional as well as urban farmers, using a blend of permaculture, traditional wisdom, and ecological modern technology. We are using scientific temper and design to improve food quality, yield, soil, and environment while keeping costs low and chemicals out. Working actively with the farmers, we encourage regenerative, cyclic, and sustainable farm practices. GOFM is also proving a great place for local organic food businesses, who are now buying directly with confidence from our verified farmers.  


It gives us immense hope to see that GOFM has become a reason for many families to give up chemically grown industrial food, and join the Local Clean Food Ecosystem, improving their own health, and supporting the farmers and the environment.

You too can join us starting this weekend. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Celebrating food, every day!

Gurgaon Organic Farmer Market (GOFM)
customers and farmers at GOFM


As a farmer and business

If you are an organic-natural, farmer, or produce foods/products using organic ingredients and wish to offer your produce to the consumers,
Click on the link below to Join as a GOFM Vendor. 


As a citizen volunteer 

Do you wish to support various activities of GOFM, and help build a better experience for everyone? Things you can do -
Offer a skill or a workshop, or help orgnanise.
Write, photograph/video and support social media.
Help auditing the quality standards.
Volunteer at the farms.
Email -
[email protected]


Contact Us

Thank you for visiting our site, we would love to hear from you. Contact us for any questions you may have, or just drop us a line:

The market is held-
every Sunday, 8am - 12pm at :

DLF City Club 5, DLF Phase 5, Gurgaon

every Saturday, 8am -12pm
DLF City Club 4, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

For Feedback, and inquiry, 
write to[email protected]

Whatsapp: 9318362010

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