Frequently Asked Questions

Greetings! We are listing some of the common questions and their answers below. If your question is not answered here, please write to us and we will respond at the earliest. Please remember to maintain objectivity, and do not share/seek any personal information.


Question - In how much time will we receive the order?
Ans- By default, the delivery time is within 3 days. In reality, it can be 0 to 3 days. It depends on when we receive the order and the route the vehicle is taking. We are running an extremely tight ship with the minimum touch points..given the current situation.


Question - Why is the delivery fee charged? Why is it incremental and not free if I order above a certain qty?
Ans- Free delivery is practically a myth. Generally, it is either built into the cost of goods or is subsidised by the marketing budget of the service provider. GOFMonline has taken it out of the cost of goods. You will see that in the price of the baskets. We are working with a zero marketing budget as a not-for-profit project. The delivery fee is charged separately to pay the delivery person for the actual effort.

Question. Are these vegetables/products Chemical-free/organic? How do we ensure that?
Ans. Over a period of 6 years, we have come in contact with many organic farmers, suppliers, and businesses. Each of these was carefully screened with a tedious process including checking of documents, references, site visits, and customer feedback. Local direct growers were given preference over farmers from far away (even if they passed other tests). Approximately 30% of all those applied made it to the list of GOFM.

Given the times, GOFMonline has invited local farmers only from this group to join as a supplier. In the case of staple/dry goods, we are working only with the direct grower, or one who is procuring from a direct grower.
The names of each of these farmers/suppliers are on the website and you are invited to verify them on your own accord as well. Your interest and initiative will further help this project.

Question - Why a basket? why can't I buy standalone products or customise the quantity?
Ans-To offer customized quantity/stand-alone products, a warehouse, and a sorting station is required. That increases the touchpoints and handling by more people. In the current times, we decided against it. But the possibility of doing it in the future remains. The baskets are prepared by the farmer in her/his own farm out of the variety of things they are growing. One is invited to be prudent to take a bit of all that is growing on the farm and not stress just one crop. On a larger scale, we have seen that to be one of the reasons for the ecological crisis we all are facing (can discuss this in detail on a zoom call if people are interested). Let GOFMonline be an invitation to shift towards making more sustainable life choices.

On the operational side, we found it most viable to make baskets of minimum value, to justify it with the cost of delivery.

Question - Why are we packing the basket in a Plastic bag? Why not a cloth bag, carton, or an actual basket? or why not bring it in a crate so that I can transfer it to my containers?
Ans -  In most places delivery has to be left at the gate. Like you, we too are maintaining the physical distancing. An inexpensive cloth bag would have been ideal. We are looking for a supplier in Gurgaon. Please suggest if you know one. As much as I hate plastic, it looks like the safest bet as of now, given its sterile nature. If possible, you can collect these bags, and return them to us in safer times, and we will send them for proper reuse/recycling. When not required, the use of cartons has a similar/or worse environmental impact and a higher cost. Actual baskets are, not available, are voluminous, and add to the cost.

Question - Where all is GOFMonline is supplying?
Ans - Currently, only in the city limits of Gurgaon. In Gurgaon also, it will be an approximate radius of 12 kms. from Huda metro station. In case you are further, please reconfirm before placing the order. In case you have placed the order from an unserviceable address, you will be informed and the possible course will be taken,

Question - How can I get involved with GOFMonline?
Ans - Thanks for asking. There are various avenues for involvement.

1. Existing verified farmers/vendors from Gurgaon are invited to list the produce.
2. Volunteer with the communication team and help in designing effective messaging for the residents. Graphic design, writing, social media are the places to engage. Youngsters, students, freshers can take this as an internship.
3. Customer care and logistics management require volunteer(s)
4. Website updates with fresh content, and backend management requires an intern/volunteer with relevant skills.
5. We can create very interesting community engagement programs online. one can volunteer as a program manager and setup zoom calls and web conferences.
7. You have a van/pickup/e-vehicle, or know someone who has. We are looking at adding more vehicles.
6. Any idea you have. It is a community project. You are invited to find your space with GOFMonline

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