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It’s the start of the mango season for us at Valley View Organic Orchard & Farmstay in the lower Himalayas! We start deliveries in Delhi / NCR this weekend. Price is Rs.1250 for a box of 5KG Dussehri or Chausa mangoes. Our mangoes are certified organic and grown on fertile rich Himalayan soil, exposed only to fresh mountain air & rain water. Sun ripened on the trees and sent near ready so they ripen in transit or on your kitchen table when kept in our corrugated boxes until ready. Variety: Dasheri. Size of each fruit varies between 3.5 to 4.5 inches and the box weight between 4.5 to 5Kgs.

Farm - Valley View Organics, Pathankot -

Varieties Available 

Pack Size - 4.5- 5 kgs

How to take care of the Mangoes
Leave the box in a warm room where you do not use the air conditioner. This will enhance the enzyme action, natural taste, smell, sweetness, and natural aura of living fruit. Eating as such would be most beneficial to health as well. Check daily for the ripe ones.  Start consuming as they begin to ripen. Refrigerate to enjoy them cool. As they ripen they may lose some weight (normal). Enjoy them gradually." 

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Yatan, has setup an organic farm in the foothills of J&K in Pathankot. It is a certified organic farm with emphasis on innovation through organic methods.

  • The above dates are approximate, and a variation in delivery date is possible due to ripening and harvest of the fruit. In case the order is not delivered on the expected day, it will be sent to you on the next delivery date. 
  • We are in the middle of the pandemic and the deliveries will be subject to the prevailing regulations. 
  • The color, smell, and weight of the fruit will go through a constant transformation. This is greatly affected by storage and handling conditions. 

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